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Are you struggling with issues like weight, body image, stress, or anger?

With the stresses of everyday life in today's world, it is no wonder that people report feeling anxious, depressed, even out of control.

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  In a recent survey by Mental Health America, more than 30% of people described themselves as "routinely overwhelmed by stress."  When a person faces each day burdened with these feelings, life can become a difficult struggle. Health, work, relationships, and families often suffer as a result.

New Heights Wellness offers help for people struggling with issues that are affecting their quality of life in tangible ways -- issues like anxiety and stress, overweight and obesity, smoking, diabetes, anger, and more. 

It is not necessary to struggle with these issues alone.  There is help that can make a difference.

Are you a doctor interested in getting support for your patients? Click here.

To discuss how New Heights Wellness can work with you, please call us at 410-901-1444.